COVID-19 information for our workforce

Nurses are the heartbeat of healthcare. Your professionalism, compassion and courage has never been more in the spotlight. As an Immunisation Nurse you are on the frontline of this global pandemic. And we thank you.

We have opportunities nationally.

We are proudly supporting Aspen Medical as a staffing partner, to assist in running the Australian Government’s national COVID-19 vaccination program. You can play an important part.

If you’re an Immunisation Nurse join us in supporting the COVID-19 vaccination program. Make us your first choice. Just as we make you, ours.

Not a qualified immuniser? If you have two years or more experience as a Registered Nurse you may now be able to administer vaccinations under the direction of a senior Immunisation Nurse. Our team will be pleased to speak to you about whether you can support this effort.

What you want to know.

Is there a lot of work?

Yes. As a staffing partner to Aspen Medical we have a large number of shifts available. Work the equivalent of full-time hours, or additional hours to fit around your lifestyle and other commitments. You choose. Want to increase your experience or tackle a new challenge? We have opportunities for you to work nationally in metro, regional and remote locations, when boarder restrictions allow.

How much will I get paid?

We know you go over and above the call of duty for your patients. And we do the same for you. We look at the bigger picture. Your qualifications. Your experience. And we get you the best rate that we can.

How quickly can I start working for you?

You can start the process now. If you’ve got all your paperwork ready to go, we can get you in your first shift at private facilities straightaway! Need some time to gather all your documents? No problem, just be aware your first shift will be a couple of weeks away.

“I have been given amazing opportunities here with Alliance Nursing and more than I would have ever expected from an agency. Such as my AIS course, my immunisation course all funded by the agency which is amazing! Also, the opportunity to travel and gain experience immunising across Australia.”

Scott, Immunisation Nurse

Other roles with Alliance Nursing.

Registered Nurse

Carer. Mentor. Advocate. Confidante. Counsellor. You play so many roles in caring for patients.

Assistant In Nursing

Dedicated to supporting patients and other healthcare professionals. Let us help you.

Specialist Registered Nurse

You are the heartbeat of healthcare. Skilled. Passionate. Dedicated.

Aged Care Nurse

Compassionate. A strong sense of community. A passion for the sector.


It takes a special person to become a midwife.

Immunisation Nurse

Your professionalism, compassion and courage has never been more in the spotlight.

Enrolled nurse

You always go over and above the call of duty for your patients, their families and other healthcare professionals.

Join the agency that puts you at the heart of everything we do.